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The following is a transcript from an interview with Dennis “Dutch” Hulst as he prepared to start the promotions for his 2020 NPC Upstate Classic. The interview was shot and edited and was released on social media platforms posthumously in November 2019.


"Our focus has always been, and has to be, to not be another show. That’s first and foremost. And to, you know, try and promote a better and healthy lifestyle and something you can be involved with your family too. So we try to make a full community drive and family type event. Davina wanted to really help me create something because she know my passion for the sport. One thing that bodybuilding can do is give todays younger people a purpose.  You’re going to learn more by getting on stage than sitting in a gym talking about getting on stage. The biggest return we get is in the Thank You’s from the competitors during the show, after the show and even down the road.  “Your show was my first show and that was the best experience that we’ve had competing. It was such a great time.” Every guest poser we have has always put on a phenominal appearance, have come out into the audience and interacted with the fans. It’s your chance to see a real full life, full size pro bodybuilder that you’re not just going to see in a picture or some little video and to where you really understand what it takes or how big these guys really are. We are there to make your show experience the best experience possible. I’m not the only one that’s saying this. It’s probably, the best trophy on the amateur scene out there.  You cant buy it in any store.  You can’t order it anywhere.  You can only get it here and it is only for the Open Overall Winners. 30 lbs of steel. "

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